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 Al-Basma Factory was established in 1970 under the name Art of Signs and Decoration, under the directives of Hajj Mahmoud Al-Makki, and it was developed in 1974 under the supervision of chemist Khaled Mahmoud Al-Makki, who has been expanding the fields of this activity, including the manufacture of seals, cliches, banners and printing, and with keeping pace with international developments, a new production line was introduced in 1988 to complete the work In the shortest time while maintaining quality, and in 1992 the factory was completely renewed and specialized in the manufacture of seals mainly, where production became faster in time and quality with the introduction of the computer system

The factory produced various types of regular and self-inking seals, and in 2003, an agreement was signed with the international Coloop Company, which specializes in the production of various self-inking seals to distribute its products in Libya.

In 2004, the production line was developed by introducing a new raw material to increase production speed and quality

Greetings from the chemist: Khaled Al-Makki



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